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DNA Biology and Bioinformatics summer camp for high school students at Oregon State University.

"Did you know that there are millions of DNA building blocks encoded in the genome of a plant? How can scientists possibly study this vast amount of data? With computers! Come and explore the tools of modern biology used to examine the complexities of DNA. This camp will involve hands-on activities where you will extract genetic material from a plant, assemble DNA sequences, identify genes using computers, examine your plant’s genome with visualization software, and test and look at your results in the laboratory. No programming skills required!"

Immediate Opening for a Pathway Biocurator Job/Position in Jaiswal lab

Immediate opening is available for a recent PhD graduate (0-3 years after PhD award) to apply for a full-time postdoctoral scholar position. The biocuration would involve annotating plant metabolic, signaling and regulatory pathways for developing an online Plant Pathway database.


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