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Indian initiative publishes first draft of the pigeonpea genome

First draft of the pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan) genome of the variety ‘Asha’ was recently published by two reports. Singh et al. A 510.81 Mbp genome size and 47,004 protein coding genes were identified from a 10x sequence coverage of the genome. According to the lead author this is the first plant genome sequencing project that was completed entirely by a network of Indian institutions supported by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research.

Gramene database's 34th database build released

The Gramene database team is happy to announce the 34th major release of the database and the website. http://news.gramene.org/?p=760. The Jaiswal lab is a co-investigator on the Gramene project and several lab members contributed to this effort.
Salient features of this release include:

  • Updates on Ensembl genome browser for six genomes


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