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Pathway "Gene-Swapper" Utility for PathVisio - available for download

Justin Preece and Mamatha Hanumappa have written a Perl utility application designed to map homologous genes from one species onto the PathVisio pathway diagram of another species. Requires only a GPML PathVisio document, a CSV file of homolog mappings, and a configuration file.

The source code and documentation may be found here.

Further enhancements and/or a collaboration with the PathVisio group on a plug-in version are likely forthcoming.

Gramene database's 34th database build released

The Gramene database team is happy to announce the 34th major release of the database and the website. http://news.gramene.org/?p=760. The Jaiswal lab is a co-investigator on the Gramene project and several lab members contributed to this effort.
Salient features of this release include:

  • Updates on Ensembl genome browser for six genomes