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Matt Geniza - Recipient of Anita S. Summers Graduate Student Travel Award

Matt Geniza, Molecular and Cellular Biology PhD graduate student in the Jaiswal lab has been awarded the Anita S. Summers Graduate Student Travel Award for his work involving Triticum monococcum (wheat) transcriptome assembly and annotation.

He will be presenting his work at the upcoming Plant and Animal Genome Conference (January, 2013) in San Diego.

Crop Plant Trait Ontology Workshop, Oregon State University

Plant breeders, biologists and bioinformatics specialists from ten countries, seven US states and two plant agribusinesses gathered in Corvallis, Oregon, September 13th-15th, 2012 for a Crop Plant Trait Ontology Workshop. The workshop was hosted by the Plant Ontology and the Trait Ontology, and co-organized by TransPlant, European Bioinformatics Institute, GARNet, Generation Challenge Program, Sol Genomics Network, and SoyBase.