Welcome! Our primary research focus is the study of flowering time and seed development in plants. These two processes determine reproductive timing and fruit/seed generation, contributing to human and animal nutritional needs by way of quality and yield. We examine these developmental features in the context of plant response under conditions of abiotic stress such as salt, drought and photoperiod. More info...

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AISO (Annotation of Image Segments with Ontologies)

AISO is an interactive image segmentation and ontology annotation tool. It is designed to give curators of biological specimens the ability to segment an image, such as those produced with digital photography or scanned from printed material, and annotate those segments with ontology terms.

Crop Plant Trait Ontology Workshop, Oregon State University

Plant breeders, biologists and bioinformatics specialists from ten countries, seven US states and two plant agribusinesses gathered in Corvallis, Oregon, September 13th-15th, 2012 for a Crop Plant Trait Ontology Workshop. The workshop was hosted by the Plant Ontology and the Trait Ontology, and co-organized by TransPlant, European Bioinformatics Institute, GARNet, Generation Challenge Program, Sol Genomics Network, and SoyBase.