Welcome! Our primary research focus is the study of flowering time and seed development in plants. These two processes determine reproductive timing and fruit/seed generation, contributing to human and animal nutritional needs by way of quality and yield. We examine these developmental features in the context of plant response under conditions of abiotic stress such as salt, drought and photoperiod. More info...

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iPlant Collaboration

The Jaiswal Lab is collaborating as working group member of the iPlant's Genotype to Phenotype (iPG2P) grand challenge project. We are part of the working group on Modelling Tools and Data Integration.

The Plant Ontology project receives NSF Plant Genome Award

The Plant Ontology project (www.plantontology.org), was awarded the NSF's Division of Biological Infrastructure grant in February, 2009. The project is a collaboration between the labs of Pankaj Jaiswal (Oregon State University) who is also a lead investigator and the Co-PIs Maria Gandolfo-Nixon (Cornell University) and Dennis Stevenson (New York Botanical Garden).