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Current Funding

The Jaiswal lab projects are funded by the funding awards received from the NSF, DOE and the start-up funds provided by the Oregon State University. Following projects are listed in the order they were awarded.

  • Planteome project (2014-2017) (cROP: Common Reference Ontologies and Applications for Plant Biology), was awarded was awarded the NSF's Division of IOS grant in December, 2014. The Planteome Project team is lead by Dr. Pankaj Jaiswal, and includes co-investigators Dr. Dennis Stevenson from New York Botanical Garden, Dr. Chris Mungall from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Dr. Sinisa Todorovic and Dr. Eugene Zhang, both from the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Oregon State University, and Elizabeth Arnaud from Bioversity International, France (a CGIAR Institute), as well as Dr. Georgios Gkoutos and Dr. John Doonan from Aberystwyth University, UK. Dr. Barry Smith from the National Center for Ontological Research and University of Buffalo, NY, and founding member of the OBO Foundry initiative has a consultative role on the project. The Planteome Project will develop a set of common standards which will include universal reference vocabularies with images where relevant to describe data relating to plant biology and plant stresses and standardized plant gene and phenotype annotation workflows. NSF Award
  • Poplar Interactome for Bioenergy Research (2012-2015) (Poplar Interactome), was awarded the Plant Feedstocks Genomics for Bioenergy research program of the USDA and DOE grant in July, 2012. The project is lead by Pankaj Jaiswal and Palitha Dharmawardhana from our group at Oregon State University and Amy Brunner and Eric Beer of Virginia Tech. DOE Award
  • Gramene - Exploring Function through Comparative Genomics and Network Analysis (2012-2017) (www.gramene.org), was awarded the NSF's Division of IOS grant in June, 2012. The project is a collaboration between the labs of Doreen Ware (CSHL), Pankaj Jaiswal (Oregon State University), Paul Kersey and Helen Parkinson (European Molecular Biology Laboratory-European Bioinformatics Institute), Lincoln Stein (Ontario Institute for Cancer Research) and Crispin Taylor (American Society of Plant Biologists), Peter D'Eustachio (New York University School of Medicine), Joshua Stein (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory) and Palitha Dharmawardhana (Oregon State University) NSF Award #1127112)
  • The Plant Ontology project (2009-2013) (www.plantontology.org), was awarded the NSF's Division of IOS grant in February, 2009. The project is a collaboration between the labs of PI Pankaj Jaiswal (Oregon State University) and the Co-PIs Maria Gandolfo-Nixon (Cornell University) and Dennis Stevenson (New York Botanical Garden). NSF Award #0822201
  • Gramene: A Platform for Comparative Plant Genomics (2007-2012) (www.gramene.org), was awarded the NSF's Division of IOS grant. The project is a collaboration between the labs of Doreen Ware (CSHL) and co-PIs Susan McCouch and Ed Buckler (Cornell Univ.) and Pankaj Jaiswal (Oregon State University). NSF Award #0703908)