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Our lab is always looking for talented students, postdocs, trainees, visiting scientists and software engineers. If you are interested in pursuing a lab project (look for 'Projects' in the menu options) and/or willing to work with us on developing an interesting proposal, we encourage you to contact the Jaiswal lab. There are numerous opportunities for people interested in the biology, computer science, bioinformatics, computer science and systems biology applications.

To be a good fit in our lab, we are looking for graduate students, postdocs, undergraduate and Highschool students who have a desire to share their deep passion and fascination for plant biology, use of computation, response to abiotic and biotic stress and wishes to undertake an integrated approach of learning and discovering novelties of plant development and a variety of responses. The applicant (you) should be able to think independently and believes in collaborations and team work. If you are already in town or enrolled in some capacity at Oregon State University campus, come talk to us and inquire about a rotation research project.

Graduate Students

    We are very interested in talented graduate students interested in working on plants by using systems biology, genomics, genome sequencing, gene expression, biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics approaches.

Undergraduate and High School Students

    A variety of research projects are available for undergraduate volunteers and intern fellowships. Both on- and off-campus students with interest in plant biology, computer science, bioinformatics, statistics, software development, genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology are encouraged to apply.


Software Developer

    There is an immediate opening for a software and database developer to work on the NSF funded Planteome project (www.planteome.org). This open-source computational biology, comparative genomics, and bioinformatics project involves the development and maintenance of databases, software and automated data analysis pipelines. The incumbent will have a proven track record of database development in MySQL (with exposure to Solr, noSQL, and/or MongoDB) and experience developing software in Python, Perl, PHP, and Java. The incumbent is also expected to have the knowledge and ability to develop web-facing, client-side user interfaces using HTML5, JSON, CSS and JavaScript frameworks.

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