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The Jaiswal Lab produces command-line, web-based, and desktop software for a variety of computational needs: high-performance assembly and analysis as well as data curation, annotation, and visualization.

Pathway GeneSWAPPER (PGS), v0.3

A Perl utility application designed to map homologous genes from one species onto the PathVisio pathway diagram of another species. Requires only a GPML PathVisio document, a CSV file of homolog mappings, and a configuration file.

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AISO (Annotation of Image Segments with Ontologies), v0.3 (click for more details)

AISO is an interactive image segmentation tool designed to allow curators of biological specimens to segment and annotate image data with ontology terms.

Download the most recent version of AISO (including installation instructions) here: AISO v0.3. Currently available on Linux, Mac OS X (64-bit) and Windows (32-bit).

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