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Jaiswal Lab member Dr. Parul Gupta recognized by NASA Genelab AWG

Congrats Parul Gupta!

Dr. Parul Gupta, a Research Associate in the Jaiswal Lab at Oregon State University and member of the NASA Plant Analysis Smiley faceWorking Group (PlantAWG), was nominated by Dr. Richard Barker for her dedication and outstanding contributions to the Plant AWG. Dr. Gupta investigates alternatively splicing events, novel transcribed regions, acquired mutations, and downstream effects on the structure and function of the genes in response to spaceflight and microgravity. Dr. Gupta’s pipeline for the detection of alternatively spliced genes is in the process of being implemented on GeneLab data. The methodologies and data analytics workflows developed by Dr. Gupta have the potential to be applied to current and future data from both plant and non-plant species (ie humans, mice, yeast, and other models) in response to spaceflight.

Source: NASA AWG News Letter