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We are sequencing a couple of transcriptomes from the dark and light treated seedlings of two diploid wheat (Triticum monococcum) genotypes. The data is available from the following weblink. If you are using this data we request you to cite our publication, Fox et al. (2014) [view]

About Triticum monococcum

T. monococcum inflorescence/spike (Source: WikiMedia Commons)"Einkorn wheat Triticum monococcum (2n=2x=14, AmAm) is one of the earliest domesticated crops. However, it was abandoned for cultivation before the Bronze Age and has infrequently been used in wheat breeding. Little is known about the genetic variation in adaptively important biological traits in T. monococcum" (Source:Jing et al 2007). The wild and cultivated germplasms are classified as separate species.


Following plant materials were used for generating the transcriptome sequences of T. monococcum.

    Species: Triticum monococcum (Einkorn wheat) NCBI Tax ID = 4568

    Germplasm/Genotypes/Populations: Seed materials are maintained by Dr. Jeff Leonard from the Department of Crop and Soil Science, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon USA..

    • DV92 accesion: Subspecies T. monococcum ssp. monococcum. It is a cultivated variety with spring wheat growth habit.
    • G3116 accession: Subspecies T. monococcum ssp. Aegilopoides. It is a wild variety with winter wheat growth habit.

    Source plant material: 8-10-day old seedling shoot
      • Plant Ontology (Anatomy) : shoot axis (PO:0025029)
      • Plant Ontology (growth stages): LP.03 three leaves visible stage (PO:0007106)
      Growth condition: All plants were grown in a growth chamber at Oregon State University campus under continuous dark for 8 days from sowing followed by 2 days (48hrs) of continuous light at 25°C.
        • Treatment/Plant Environment Ontology: growth chamber study (EO:0007269); light regimen (EO:0007196) | 8 days dark (no light) followed by 2 days (48hrs) continuous visible spectrum light exposure.
        • Plant Sample Collection: (Sample-1) Dark treated samples harvested at 8 days after sowing. (Sample-2) 48 hr continuous light treated samples were harvested on day 10.


From Jaiswal lab

  • Transcriptome Sequences (Illumina_reads): DV92 (NCBI:SRX283514, SRR924098) and G3116 (NCBI:SRX257915, SRR922411)- [get data]
  • Transcriptome Sequences (cDNA contigs and peptides): fasta format files - [get data]
  • Genome alignments to barley and Triticum uratu genomes using BLAT - [get data]
  • Genome alignments to barley and Triticum uratu genomes using Exonerate - [get data]
  • Annotations (Gene Ontology and InterPro annotations) - [get data]
  • Gene expression - [get data]
  • SNP markers (VCF and BED file formats) with reference to barley genome - [get data]
  • SSR markers - [get data]

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Publication Citation

    Fox SE, Geniza M, Hanumappa M, Naithani S, Sullivan C, et al. (2014) De Novo Transcriptome Assembly and Analyses of Gene Expression during Photomorphogenesis in Diploid Wheat Triticum monococcum. PLoS ONE 9(5): e96855. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0096855 [view]


Note: T. monococcum spike image source (WikiMedia Commons)