The Plant Ontology project receives NSF Plant Genome Award

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The Plant Ontology project (, was awarded the NSF's Division of Biological Infrastructure grant in February, 2009. The project is a collaboration between the labs of Pankaj Jaiswal (Oregon State University) who is also a lead investigator and the Co-PIs Maria Gandolfo-Nixon (Cornell University) and Dennis Stevenson (New York Botanical Garden).

Soybean Genome Sequence published

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Today's Nature issue reports the sequence of the soybean genome by Schmutz et al. Soybean is one of the most important legumes which went through two genome duplications about 59 and 13 million years ago, leading to multiple copies of nearly 75% of the genes, followed by gene diversification, loss and chromosome rearrangements. The 1.1Gb, 20 chromosome genome of Glycine max var.