Unlocking the genome and secrets of Chia seed: The Nutritional Powerhouse

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Title: Unlocking the genome and secrets of Chia seed: The Nutritional Powerhouse



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Image showing chia seeds, an assembled genome, and the flowers. (Source: Jaiswal Lab)


Chia, a tiny seed from Southern Mexico and Central America, might just be the next big thing in healthy eating!

Jaiswal Lab member Dr. Parul Gupta recognized by NASA Genelab AWG

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Congrats Parul Gupta!

Dr. Parul Gupta, a Research Associate in the Jaiswal Lab at Oregon State University and member of the NASA Plant Analysis Smiley faceWorking Group (PlantAWG), was nominated by Dr. Richard Barker for her dedication and outstanding contributions to the Plant AWG. Dr.

2016 STEM Summer Camp on DNA Biology and Bioinformatics

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Article Source: STEM camp article from Gazette Times (July 15, 2016)
Camp website: http://stem.planteome.org/

In the first part of Thursday's lesson, the students used dissection microscopes to examine bees as they learned about their anatomy and biology.

The second part seemed like it involved a completely different field: In it, students learned about programming basics.

NSF Funds Development of Common Reference Ontologies and Applications for Plant Biology

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NSF recently awarded funding to the Planteome Project (http://www.planteome.org), an international collaboration to support the development of 'Common Reference Ontologies and Applications for Plant Biology' for a three year period. The Project will develop a set of common data standards and universal reference vocabularies to describe and standardized plant gene and phenotype annotation workflow

Job posting: Software and Database developer

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We have an immediate opening for a software and database developer to work on the NSF funded Planteome project (www.planteome.org). This open-source computational biology, comparative genomics, and bioinformatics project involves the development and maintenance of databases, software and automated data analysis pipelines. The incumbent will have a proven track record of database development in MySQL (with exposure to Solr, noSQL, and/or MongoDB) and experience developing software in Python, Perl, PHP, and Java.

Job posting: Plant Pathway and Gene Network curator position at Postdoc scholar level

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Pathway database called Plant Reactome (http://plantreactome.gramene.org) has an immediate opening for a full-time biocurator to annotate plant metabolic, signaling and regulatory pathways. The successful candidate will be a recent PhD (within 0-5 years) in one or more areas of biochemistry, molecular biology, gene regulation, plant biology, epigenetics, bioinformatics, gene expression and related fields including the use of NGS technology. For more details visit http://aspb.site-ym.com/networking/apply_now.aspx?view=2&id=277576

Job posting: Postdoctoral Scholar Position Available- Biocuration and Ontology Development for Plant Genomics and Phenomics

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The Jaiswal Lab (Department of Botany and Plant Pathology, Oregon State University) has available an immediate full-time job opening at the level of Postdoctoral Scholar for a Biocurator-Ontology Developer for the Planteome Project (http://www.planteome.org/).

High School Students Genotype Einkorn Wheat Varieties in DNA Biology Summer Camp at Oregon State University

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Twelve students (9th-12th grade) from local schools attended DNA Biology Summer Camp organized by Jaiswal laboratory at Oregon State University in July 2014. The activities in the camp included short introductory lectures and follow up exercises using models and laboratory experiments. The learning in a collaborative environment was encouraged to further enrich their camp experience. Dr. Laurel Cooper, a research associate in the Jaiswal laboratory, introduced the students to the basics of the plant cell, and genetic material.